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Don’t Let Winter Get the Better of Your Car: Here’s Help

 No season is as hard on your vehicle as winter.

The snow, sleet, ice, and freezing temperatures all take a toll, not to mention the salt.

You can come out of the other side of winter – year after year – if you follow some of these winter car care tips.

1. Keep an eye on your battery.

Temperatures that dip below freezing can reduce your battery power by as much as 50%.

That’s why it…
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Honda Vehicle Spotlight: What Makes the Accord so Amazing?

Honda vehicles have been known for their safety, reliability, and all-around awesome-ness for many years.

When something works, why change it, right?

There was no need to worry about the 2018 revamp – it’s still the best mid-size sedan on the market and another home run for Honda.

Let’s dive into some of the best features of the 2018 Honda Accord.

What’s new?
The Accord’s been almost totally updated, including three new…
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Break All the Rules and Buy a Used Car in January

Buying a car in January may seem like a crazy idea.

But, purchasing a used car can save you some money and buying it in January is an even better idea.

If you’re not convinced, check out these reasons why it actually makes a lot of sense.

End of the year sales
Many dealerships offer end-of-the-year sales on new cars that a great number of consumers take advantage of.

Most of them trade in…
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5 of History’s Most Interesting Vehicle Flops

Sometimes, your best-laid plans don’t quite pan out.

Most industries endure failures now and then and the automotive industry isn’t immune.

Check out some of the big ideas that didn’t live up to their high expectations.

1. Flying cars
It turns out Back to the Future wasn’t the first time flying cars were imagined.

The Dymaxion was envisioned to lift off the highway at will, fly wherever its driver-pilot wanted, and…
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Best Practices for Choosing an Auto Repair Shop

You know the feeling.

That sick-to-your-stomach-because-something’s-wrong-with-your-car feeling.

If you’re lucky enough to have a trustworthy mechanic, it’s a no-brainer who you’ll call.

On the other hand, you may be one of those people who always has to scramble to find someone when there’s a problem.

Here are some tips to help you find an auto service technician who’s right for you.

Before a breakdown
It’s much wiser to…
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You Need These Car Cleaning Hacks in Your Life

You probably spend a lot of time in your car.

When you’re always rushing from one activity to the next, your vehicle can really start to look a little too lived in.

Here are the cleaning hacks you need to keep your car’s appearance in tip-top shape.

Nooks and crannies
Your car has a lot of little spaces that can collect crumbs and other debris.

A sure-fire method to get them out is…
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7 Fun Facts You May Not Have Known About Halloween

Ghosts and ghouls, skeletons and witches, vampires and werewolves.

If you’re a Halloween enthusiast, you’ve probably been looking forward to October and the fun that goes along with this yearly celebration of all things scary.

Think you know everything there is to know about this fall favorite?

Let’s see if your knowledge stacks up!

Did you know….

1. Costumes weren’t always worn for fun? Historians believe that Halloween originated with a…
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Car Care: What You Need to Know About Your Headlights

It’s no secret that vehicles require a lot of maintenance.

While you probably don’t have too hard of a time remembering oil changes and brake inspections, your headlights aren’t always in the front of your mind.

There are plenty of reasons they should be, however.

October is Car Care Month and it’s the perfect time to give your headlights some attention.

Here are some things to think about.

Replace headlights before…
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