People Pleasin’

Candyce was out in the community doing her People Pleasin’. Like always, she was met with lots of pleasantly surprised reactions. I’ve attached On this trip she visited:
Brotherhood Home of Akron, Buehler’s, Legacy Roofing and Chipotle

You know the saying, you can’t make these things up really stands true when my very first “Random Act of Kindness” of the day was what the program was created for. The pics say it all as I stopped to visit with some kids from Hoban High School who were doing some planting as part of a beautification project for the community and as part of their community hours. They are part of “JAM” (Justice Akron Ministry) working in relationship with the Interval Brotherhood Home of Akron. These kids feel blessed to be part of a program that currently has 140 other students on waiting list to participate in community endeavors. They eat and sleep at the school for 3 days in sleeping bags arising each day to go out into the community to provide a variety of services whereas it can be planting, cleaning houses or whatever is needed in their community. Thank you Dave, Doug & Michele (Adult Chaperones for these projects) you are an inspiration. It was a pleasure to hear your story & talk with the kids who were so excited to each be treated to lunch compliments of Park Auto Group and Mr. Hero Restaurants.

Off to Buehler’s Fresh Foods to purchase groceries for an unsuspecting customer. Mom and Kids were shopping to grab treats to take to the pool for the day. Mom was quite surprised when I told her we were taking care of her grocery purchase that included pool balls for the kids. She really could not believe that it was really happening. The staff at Buehler’s were quite taken aback as well and even thanked Park Auto Group for choosing their store to do this random act of kindness.

Akron Business, Legacy Roofing, like Park Auto, believes in community service. I stopped by to see Vice-President Bud Buxton to treat him to a Mr. Hero Lunch. He gave kudos to Park Auto for this program.

Brother Greg and JT looked at the cashier in disbelief when she let them know that I was purchasing their Chipotle Mexican Grill Lunch. They did not understand and I explained our mission and that we hope that they enjoyed their lunch on this beautiful summer day compliments of the Park Auto Group. The cashier Katie stated this was so nice and that her brother worked at one of the Park Auto Dealerships.

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