Don’t Be a Victim of the Blind Spot: Know How to Set Your Mirrors

One of the dangers new drivers learn about right away is how to handle the blind spot.

If you’ve always set your side-view mirrors to show the back corner of your car, you’re not alone.

That’s how most people have been doing it for generations.

But, it just so happens that there’s a better way!

Check out these three steps for setting your mirrors to eliminate the blind spot as much as possible.

1. Position your rear view mirror the way you always have.
It may sound silly, but hang on – this method really works!
  • Sitting in your driver’s seat, after you’ve set the rearview mirror, lean your head all the way to the side, until it touches the driver’s side window.
  • With your head in that position, adjust your left side-view mirror so the back corner of your car is in your sights.
  • Lean the same distance in the other direction and set your right side-view mirror the same way – so that you can see the back corner of your vehicle.

2. Align your left side-mirror.
The goal at this point is to make sure that as soon as the passing vehicle’s left-front headlight is no longer visible in your rearview mirror, you can see it in your left side-view mirror.

A good (and safe!) way to simulate this is to pull up next to a line of parked cars.

3. Align your right side-mirror.
Repeat the process with your right side-mirror.

The results
Your big blind spots should be nearly eliminated.

It can take a little getting used to – especially training yourself to look at your rearview mirror first.

It may also take a bit for the view in your side mirrors to look “normal” to you, but you’re making yourself a lot safer on the roads.

You may be surprised by the advanced safety features that some of our Honda vehicles have.

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