Break All the Rules and Buy a Used Car in January

Buying a car in January may seem like a crazy idea.

But, purchasing a used car can save you some money and buying it in January is an even better idea.

If you’re not convinced, check out these reasons why it actually makes a lot of sense.

End of the year sales
Many dealerships offer end-of-the-year sales on new cars that a great number of consumers take advantage of.

Most of them trade in vehicles, meaning most dealerships will have a large number of used cars available at the start of the year.

That means you’ll have no trouble finding the vehicle that’s perfect for you!

A fresh start
How would a new-to-you vehicle fit in with your New Year’s Resolution?

Many people look at a new year as a great time to make improvements. Sometimes they’re physical changes and sometimes they want to change the way they present themselves.

Driving a vehicle that looks great could be the boost you need to make the positive changes you’ve been wanting to make.

What to look for in a used vehicle
Now that you’re convinced January is the right time to buy a used car, you need to know what you should be watching out for when you begin your search.
  • Take it for a test drive. Listen for any strange noises and see how it handles.
  • Pay close attention to the exterior and the interior.
  • Do a leak test. Let the car run for about 30 seconds in one area. Pull away and note any liquids left on the ground.
  • Read reviews about the specific make and model.
  • Get a vehicle history report.
  • Have it checked out by a mechanic you trust.
Take advantage of the season
January is the perfect time to make a fresh start with a new-to-you vehicle.

Make sure the car you choose passes your inspection and then pull the trigger!

At Serra Honda, we have a full range of used vehicles – including one that’s just right for you!

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