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Vehicle Maintenance Matters: All About Spark Plugs


Your vehicle is made up of a lot of moving parts.

That means there’s a lot to remember when it comes to maintenance.

Oil changes and windshield wiper fluid refills are easier to remember than parts like spark plugs.

Let’s take a closer look at what your vehicle’s spark plugs do and how to maintain them.

What your spark plugs do

There are several components to a spark plug.

They’re made…

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You May Change Your Mind About Car Inspections After You Read This


Having a car inspection may seem like a headache you don’t want to deal with.

But the truth is there are some good reasons that you shouldn’t be too hasty about poo-pooing it.

After all, a complete inspection will cover almost every element of a car’s well-being – inside and out.

What an inspection includes

Here’s a quick overview of what a vehicle inspection entails.

  • Engine

  • Transmission

  • Brakes

  • Fluid levels

  • Lights

  • Any abnormal sounds or smells

  • Seats

  • Carpet

  • Paint and finish

  • Rust damage

  • Dents

  • Tires

When you should have an inspection

There are two different kinds that…

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Can Your Car Pass the Fluid Test?

 Your body needs hydration in order to function.

If you don’t get enough fluids, you won’t be able to work at your highest capacity.

The same is true for the health of your vehicle.

It needs the right amount of fluids (and the right kinds) to work the way it’s supposed to.

Let’s take a look at which vehicle fluids you should be paying attention to.

Engine oil
Your car’s…
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And the Award Goes To...

And the Award Goes To...

To be recognized for outstanding achievement in your field is always a wonderful feeling.

This year, Serra Honda is a proud recipient of the Honda President’s Award program.

It’s something we’re proud of, because it recognizes what we do behind the scenes to give our customers the best possible experience when buying a car.

This acknowledgement is reserved for Honda dealerships that have displayed excellence in the…
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3 Proven Ways to Get the Best Interest Rate on Your Car Loan

You probably put a lot of time and effort into finding the perfect new car.

Maybe you researched makes, models, features, and sticker prices.

Did you remember the one factor that can affect how much you end up paying in the long run?

The interest rate.

Before you hit the car lot, try these tips for getting the best deal possible.

1. Raise your credit score
Good credit will get you a great interest rate…
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Buying a Used Car? 5 Ways to Spot Flood Damage

 Buying a used car can be nerve-wracking.

You want to be certain you’re getting a vehicle that’s in great condition and will serve you well for years to come.

One of the concerns that you may have is ending up with a vehicle that has flood damage.

It’s important to note that a flood-damaged car can be a wise purchase as long as it was repaired properly.

Answering these five questions will…
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Honda Vehicle Spotlight: What Makes the Accord so Amazing?

Honda vehicles have been known for their safety, reliability, and all-around awesome-ness for many years.

When something works, why change it, right?

There was no need to worry about the 2018 revamp – it’s still the best mid-size sedan on the market and another home run for Honda.

Let’s dive into some of the best features of the 2018 Honda Accord.

What’s new?
The Accord’s been almost totally updated, including three new…
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Don’t Let Winter Get the Better of Your Car: Here’s Help

 No season is as hard on your vehicle as winter.

The snow, sleet, ice, and freezing temperatures all take a toll, not to mention the salt.

You can come out of the other side of winter – year after year – if you follow some of these winter car care tips.

1. Keep an eye on your battery.

Temperatures that dip below freezing can reduce your battery power by as much as 50%.

That’s why it…
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Break All the Rules and Buy a Used Car in January

Buying a car in January may seem like a crazy idea.

But, purchasing a used car can save you some money and buying it in January is an even better idea.

If you’re not convinced, check out these reasons why it actually makes a lot of sense.

End of the year sales
Many dealerships offer end-of-the-year sales on new cars that a great number of consumers take advantage of.

Most of them trade in…
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